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The S128 is a peristaltic metering pump designed to proportionally inject at a
1:128 ratio of 1 ounce of product into 1 gallon of process water. Also known as
a medicator, the pump has 3 speeds which automatically adjust the injection
rate when the system water flow rate increases or decreases. The ability to
respond to flow allows the pump to evenly distribute product into the water
lines especially at low flow rates.
Activated by a dry contact pulse water meter, the pump injects into system
water flow rates up to 10 gallons per minute. The flow rate output capacity is up
to 10 ounces per minute with operating pressures up to 60 psi. The primary
application is in livestock production such as chicken, turkey, ducks and swine.
LEAK DETECT can be set to stop the pump or let it run when a leak is detected.
TUBE TIMER can be set to a predetermined number of hours for the pump to run
before the indicating it is time to replace the tube.
SIGNAL REPEATER is built-in and allows an existing water meter to register the
total water volume to a controller.

• Injects 1 ounce of product into 1 gallon of water
• Up to 10.0 oz/min @ 60 psi max.
• Injects into system water flows up to 10 GPM
• 1 or 10 PPG and 1 PPL pulse settings
• Leak detection
• Built-in signal repeater
• Tube change timer
• Totally enclosed housing, NEMA 4X
• Indoor/Outdoor
• 2 year warranty
• S128 pump prefix begins with S4M

• Advantages of Stenner peristaltic pumps on
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• Tube replacement without tools
• Flow responsive to evenly distribute product
• Proportional injection especially at low flow rates
• Remote start & stop capability using house controller
• LED pump status indicators
• Dedicated output relays
• Standby setting
• Brushless DC motor with ball bearing support

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 13.5 × 9.5 in