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  • Input voltage:208/240 VAC
  • Magnet voltage:5 VDC
  • Power usage:5 watts
  • Delay time:5 minutes nominal
  • Alarm:optional (3 amps 250 volts)

Power Drop

In combination with a curtain and winch, PowerDrop provides backup natural ventilation for livestock in the event of a sustained power failure. PowerDrop runs without batteries, timers or mechanical devices and instead relies on an innovative electromagnetic lock. PowerDrop holds for a delay period after power failure. If power is not restored before the delay expires, the PowerDrop arm is forced open releasing the curtain winch.

Never worry about losing holding power. The PowerDrop’s electromagnet produces nearly 50 pounds of holding power and is not impacted by rain, cold or other weather conditions. The innovative hinge mechanics further amplify PowerDrops holding power. The spring-loaded hinge forces the arm open when power fails.

PowerDrop’s time delay is managed by high-capacity capacitors which charge in moments and last nearly forever. The standard delay is approximately 5-minutes used largely in swine applications. A shorter 3-minute delay is available by ordering the PowerDrop Poultry.

PowerDrop can be installed in 15 minutes, no assembly required. A pliers and nut-driver set are the only tools required; all of the necessary hardware is in the box. Once installed and powered-up, the PowerDrop provides immediate holding power.

PowerDrop is designed to work in the harsh livestock environment. External components are constructed of high grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The internal electronics are conformal coated for moisture resistance and housed in a weather resistant plastic enclosure. PowerDrop is built to endure the elements and provide reliable backup when power fails.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4.5 × 2.7 in