Omnivore Baby Bear 4′ x 5′ Batch Composter

Omnivore Baby Bear on farm composter

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Capacity of composter is 55Lbs. Daily



  • Increased bio-security on your farm.
  • No dead stock is accessible for scavengers that could transmit disease to your livestock.
  • The Omnivore composter is manufactured in Ontario.
  • Cost of hydro to run the Omnivore Composter is comparable to running freezers for dead stock.
  • The continuous Omnivore Composter comes equipped with a variable frequency drive that ensures a slow start up (soft-start), to eliminate excessive wear of drive parts.
  • Variable speed motor for ideal manageable composting process.
  • Weight of composting drum is 100% supported by support rollers.
  • Easy to open receiving hopper is accessible at all times during the composting cycle, even while drum is rotating, or choose the model with loading doors for easy loading with a front-end-loader.
  • Back door that works as slide while discharging.
  • The Poly Urethane Insulated drum ensures that weather has a minimal effect on the composting process and that the heat generated stays in the omnivore composter making sure that the composting process is successful.
  • Omnivore composting is easy to control and adjust, resulting in faster and more consistent end product.


Additional information

Weight 2500 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 60 in