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The  Nestomatic  is a beautifully designed laying nest that offers poultry a comfortable and sheltered environment to lay their eggs. The laying nest is easy to keep clean, because there are few seams in the construction. The slightly tilted nesting mat replaces the traditional litter and ensures that the eggs can roll undamaged in the collection tray. In this way, dirty or broken eggs are dealt with forever, because the animals can no longer reach them. Every day you open the lid and collect fresh eggs, ready to be eaten. The heavy-duty galvanized sheet material and the UV-resistant strong ABS plastic ensure that this Nestomatic guarantees years of enjoyment.

Pros Nestomatic laying nest

  • Inventive  polyethylene nest mat  immune to harmful bacteria, keeps eggs clean & is removable
  • Accurately adjustable  angle of inclination for the nest mat, all types of eggs remain intact
  • Long service life  thanks to strong and durable ABS plastic
  • Colorfast  thanks to  UV-resistant  plastic
  • Easily  connect multiple laying nests together 
  • Extra sturdy packaging  reduces the risk of transport damage

It is important for a laying nest that it is sufficiently dark inside, but that there is also sufficient ventilation. In practice this proves difficult to combine, but the  Nestomatic  meets both requirements without making concessions. The ventilation is not created by holes in the side walls, but by ventilation grilles with minimal light. The light from the front is limited by a blackout curtain. This creates the perfect environment for laying eggs. 

Plastic and metal nest for chickens

Where the laying nest itself is made of extra thick (1mm) galvanized sheet material and ABS plastic parts, we chose a different material for the nest mat: polyethylene. Ideal because of its long life and resistance to bacteria. Large eggs roll faster than small eggs. Depending on the size of the egg, you can easily adjust the angle of the mat. The so-called fingers of the nest mat also ensure that the eggs are not damaged during laying and that they have as little contact as possible with manure or other dirt, while still being comfortable for the poultry. Didn’t get dirty over time? The nest mat is removable, so clean again in no time!

Clean is a feature that comes up more often when describing the  Nestomatic . The construction itself contains few seams, so dirt cannot accumulate properly. The dirt that does collect in and on the laying nest can easily be rinsed off with water. The roof is sloping, so the chickens cannot sit on it. And because the eggs automatically roll into the collection tray after laying, broken Nestomatic are perfect for several hens

Chickens naturally live together in groups. One laying nest is suitable for a maximum of 5 chickens. You need one laying nest per 5 chickens. The Nestomatic laying nests are easy to connect to each other with the supplied mounting set. The laying nest is supplied as a kit. Assembly is easy, thanks in part to the use of blind rivet nuts. For you as a seller, this method means a space saving of more than 50%, compared to assembled delivery. For example, no fewer than 112 Nestomatics fit on a pallet of 120x100x239cm. More laying nests per pallet and therefore lower transport costs.

Top quality affordable

With the Nestomatic, Olba once again proves that top quality can be affordable. By using high-quality materials, professional quality is suddenly available for the common chicken in people’s homes. The well thought-out design shows that  our product engineers  also know what it is like to keep poultry. A good laying nest allows the chickens to lay their eggs easily, keeps the eggs clean and is easy to clean itself. The Nestomatic excels in all these facets. It is not without reason that this classic is a loved and popular product with grand animal keepers worldwide. 

Once mounted, the laying nest has the following dimensions: 48x31x42cm (L * W * H)

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