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Product description

When using the Feedomatic the food is only accessible when chickens stand on the treadle. Mice, rats and birds will never gain access and thus cannot contaminate the food. The Feedomatic protects the poultry from dangerous diseases. The treadle feeder is stable, easy to clean and splash-proof. It’s available in 5, 8, 12 or 20 kg so for every need there’s a fitting solution.

Pros Feedomatic Automatic Treadle Feeder

  • Dry food at all times as a result of the treadle feeder’s splash-proof construction
  • No mold thanks to the plastic material and round edges
  • No spilling due to special shape and height-adjustable feeder bin
  • Prevents direct contact with pests because they cannot enter the feeder bin
  • Colourfast due to UV-resistant plastic
  • Extra sturdy packaging reduces transport damage risk

What makes the Feedomatic unique?

In traditional feeding troughs the food is openly accessible. Besides the animals the food is for, this arouses the interest of pests as well. To solve that problem, decades ago the so-called treadle feeder was introduced. A bowl with food that’s only accessible once a chicken stands on the treadle. A good solution, but not perfect yet. Food spilling occured often which, again, raises the interest of those pests. Besides, many of these treadle feeders are completely made out of metal, which isn’t particularly watertight.

Proven concept finally perfect

Designed and produced by Olba, the Feedomatic guarantees the highest quality. We’ve added some very reliable and trustworthy options to this proven concept. For instance, we’ve made the Feedomatic out of a combination from galvanized plate parts and plastic. The plates have a thickness of 1mm, extraordinary for applications such as this, which makes it remarkably stable. Seams or cracks have no chance, because we use hypermodern metallurgy machinery. We mould the plastic ourselves and have added UV-resistant additives. After years of intensive use, the Feedomatic will still be as strong as when just purchased.

The feeder itself is provided with partitions and a spil edge that both reduce spilling massively. Another useful benefit; the use of plastic makes this automatic treadle feeder a lot more quiet than it’s competitors. Metal to plastic makes less noise than metal to metal. We’ve provided the Feedomatic’s treadle with large openings, so feces will fall through. It keeps the treadle clean and guarantees a clean eating environment. The mechanism which controls the access to the food bowl can be precisely adjusted from 250 grams up to 2kg (165lbs). For example, the treadle is set to 250 gram for an animal weighing 500 gram. For animals weighing 5 kg, the Feedomatic is set to 2kg. This way, the correct threshold weight can be set for poultry of any kind.

Another often heard advantage of a treadle feeder is the fact that they can store large amounts of food. The chickens can last for multiple days without refilling. And if there needs to be a refill, the Feedomatic once again sets itself apart. A fully opened lid stays open on its own, so both hands can be used to pour the food into the container. After closing it’ll lock automatically. Ideal and very effective.

The Feedomatic appears to be the perfect solution for animal lovers world wide, that prefer to feed their animals and not pests. The automatic treadle feeder is proven to be effective, hygienic, strong, precisely adjustable, has a long lifespan and looks amazing. It truly is the best treadle feeder we’ve ever made.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11.5 × 10.25 in