lubing red combi nipple

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Features and Benefits.
• 360º triggering – Easy triggering of the pin provides a plentiful supply of water to birds
of all ages.

• Ideal Flow – The ideal water flow of the nipple results in optimum performance at
every age and improved litter conditions.

• One Nipple from Start to Finish – Birds are raised on the same nipple that they will use for egg

• Adaptable to all cage designs – The FeatherSoft Layer Nipple System is adaptable to
Belt-Battery and A-Frame style cages for brood/grow and egg production.

• Trouble-free performance – Layer Nipples have only 3 parts: body, metering pin and
triggering pin. Lubing Layer Nipples DO NOT include O-rings, seals or steel balls.

• Raised water entry point – The nipple’s raised water entry point inside the water pipe
eliminates the possibility of sediments from entering the nipple assembly.

• 20 micron test- Unlike competitors’ systems, Lubing Nipples reduce risk of blocking water flow by
allowing particles up to 20 microns to pass through nipples.

Lubing’s patented 360° FeatherSoft™ Layer Nipple delivers performance and results that
will make a difference on your bottom line.

Lubing has established a strong position in the market place by offering innovative products
that surpass all others. Did you know that more than 1 billion birds around the world
drink from a Lubing system on a daily basis?

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