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Chore-Time’s CHORE-TRONICS® Controls provide critical and timely information to create a better environment for your pigs, maximizing production flow and yields. Capable of remote operation and monitoring, the system allows you to manage your barn smarter. Using C-Central™ Data Collection Software you can set, monitor and improve your barn’s controlled environment based on your production needs.

CHORE-TRONICS® Controls Specifications

Standard Features

Model 8

Number of 1 HP Outputs   8

Alarm Output  Yes

Temperature Curve   Yes

Minimum Ventilation Timer  Yes

100-Day History    Yes

Mechanical Switches for Manual Override   Yes

Number of Temperature Sensors     2

8 x 40 Display   Yes

Light Clock   Yes

Feed Clock    Yes

Cooling Timers    Yes

Minimum Ventilation Curve  Optional

Additional Time Clocks   Yes

Optional Features

Static Pressure Sensor   Yes

PC Communications    Yes

Potentiometer Inputs   2

Water Usage Display Yes

Relative Humidity Sensor  No

Additional Temperature Sensors  3

Variable Speed Kits  2

Recommended Uses:

Power- Ventilated or Natural Pig Barns

Power, Natural and/ or Tunnel Pig Barns

Additional information

Weight 22.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 10 in

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