Poultry Production

Looking for complete turnkey systems for poultry production? Our innovative systems are designed to maximize the natural potential of your poultry and offer unsurpassed reliability too.

Get your birds off to a good start, minimize waste and get maximum production. We can build the right system for your flock, whether you are raising chickens, turkeys or ducks.

At Northeast Agri Systems we're all about SOLUTIONS. We evaluate your poultry application and help you find the best components to meet your needs, building a quality system that maximizes production and allows you to control every aspect of your operation. Plus we provide the support structure and parts support you need to keep your systems up and running for years to come.

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Poultry System Components


Minimize wasted feed and provide birds of all ages consistent, comfortable access to fresh feed.


Durable, dependable control of incoming air. Attic inlets are designed to supplement house sidewall inlets to provide an automatic supply of tempered air during early stages of minimum ventilation. No winch needed.


Get all the tools you need to monitor and improve bird performance including scheduling birds for harvest, feed delivery, verifying tunnel fan operation and maintaining proper temperatures. We offer a variety of control systems, each designed for a variety of applications.

Breeder Nest Systems

We offer industry-leading nesting systems for egg collection and broiler breeders. Open-top design with closable lid, built-in perch and 5 choices for nesting pads and bottoms.

Feed Bins

Keep your feed safe from the elements with our weatherguard feed bins that feature a 40 degree roof to shed rain and a spring-lock lid that offers wind resistance as well as protection from snow and rain. Easy access to feed with trouble-free consistent operation.

Fill Systems

Coreless auger feed delivery for the most reliable feed conveyance. Our systems are available in a variety of capacities for a variety of feed applications.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our state of the art evaporative cooling systems reduce the air temperature by evaporating water in the air stream. Utilize the pulsing option to reduce rapid temperature fluctuations.

Poultry Drinkers

Our systems include four different flow rates, perfect for various bird types and environments.

Fans & Shutters

Our systems offer innovative ventilation components to keep your birds healthy and productive whether you use power, natural or tunnel ventilation.

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