Hog Production

Northeast Agri Systems offers complete turnkey solutions to keep your pigs healthy and productive. From the simplest to the most complex design, we offer the high quality equipment you need to create a profitable hog operation.

Our experts will evaluate your needs and put together a system that will meet your every need including integrated feeding, watering, ventilation and control products. Plus, we offer complete support after your operation is in place, including repairs and a full line of quality replacement parts.

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Choose from a variety of feeder systems, designed to reduce waste and make feeding easy and efficient.

Fill Systems

Reduce waste and deliver feed to pigs reliably and energy-efficiently. We have fill systems for a variety of delivery systems including straight line or recirculating feed systems.

Whole House Controls

Designed to do more than simply regulate building temperatures, our state-of-art environmental controls are designed to provide your pigs with clean air, consistent temperatures and greater comfort, resulting in higher productivity.


High performance air movement built for power, natural or tunnel ventilation systems. Optional cone covers seal out drafts, maintaining better temperature consistency.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our state of the art evaporative cooling systems reduce the air temperature by evaporating water in the air stream. Utilize the pulsing option to reduce rapid temperature fluctuations. Self-contained and super-efficient.


Durable, dependable control of incoming air. Attic inlets are designed to supplement house sidewall inlets and provide outstanding air mixing for use with popular tunnel ventilation systems.

Curtain Operators

Provides the power you need to raise or lower curtains or tunnel doors. Suitable for a variety of applications. Designed for ease of use, consistent performance and long life.


Featuring maximum fuel efficiency and designed to heat 2500 to 4000 square feet. Can be setup to allow a single thermostat to regulate all heaters in a specific area.

Feed Bins

Our state-of-the-art bins focus on ease of use and offer wind resistance, as well as protection from snow and rain. Built for better productivity and best performance available.

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