Egg Production

If you're looking for complete turnkey systems for egg production, Northeast Agri Systems offers industry-leading components designed to optimize bird comfort and maximize egg production and egg quality, resulting in a better bottom line for you. Our complete systems handle every aspect of egg production automatically including egg collection, environmental controls, feed management and more. We offer systems for both caged and cage-free birds.

We can help you evaluate your operation and provide solutions for every application adding the components and systems you need to make your operation profitable. Plus, we offer the support and parts you need after your system is in place, to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly now and in the future.

Want to find out more? Contact us today to discuss your egg production operation. Our experts will be glad to help you build the best system for you!

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Get all the tools you need to monitor and improve egg production including feed delivery, verifying tunnel fan operation and maintaining proper temperatures. We offer a variety of control systems, each designed for a variety of applications.

Feed Bins

Keep your feed safe from the elements with our weatherguard feed bins that feature a 40 degree roof to shed rain and a spring-lock lid that offers wind resistance as well as protection from snow and rain. Easy access to feed with trouble-free consistent operation.

Egg Collectors

Innovative egg collection system ensures eggs make a safe trip from hen to conveyor. Proven egg counter system offers accuracy to 0.5%.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our state of the art evaporative cooling systems reduce the air temperature by evaporating water in the air stream. Utilize the pulsing option to reduce rapid temperature fluctuations.

Fill Systems

Coreless auger feed delivery for the most reliable feed conveyance. Our systems are available in a variety of capacities for a variety of feed applications.

Nipple Drinkers

Easy to adjust, our nipple drinker systems provide fresh water to your flock in an easy to maintain, streamlined system.

Feeding Systems

Minimize wasted feed and provide birds of all ages consistent, comfortable access to fresh feed.

Cage Systems

Our cage systems offer animal-friendly comfort, encouraging excellent egg production. Innovative cage features are versatile and adaptable to any operation ensuring they meet your present needs and provide options as your operation grows.

Cage-Free Systems

Our alternative housing options meet or exceed the current space standards for bird spaces and hold 128 birds per four-foot section. We offer several options including aviary systems for layers or pullets and nesting systems.

Fans & Shutters

Our systems offer innovative ventilation components to keep your birds healthy and productive whether you use power, natural or tunnel ventilation.

Manure Drying Systems

Create marketable manure in just days using the air you are already moving! Our system makes use of existing sidewall fans with minor modifications to handle manure from up to 200,000 birds using a single dryer. Ready to build your egg production system? Contact us today to get started!