Add composting to your operation to add additional revenue or provide fresh compost for your crops and plantings. It's easy with our complete turn-key composting solution from Rotoposters.

Rotoposters Composting Advantages

Year Round Composting

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Eliminates Run-Off
  • Improved Eye Appeal of Compost Site
  • Cost Effective
  • Eliminates Rendering Fees
  • Eliminates Expensive Incineration Costs
  • Utilize or Sell Finished Compost
  • Reduces Flies
  • Eliminates Rodents & Scavengers from digging into Compost
  • Increased biosecurity eliminates the need for rendering or trash truck traffic
  • Low operating costs

Add a Composting Building for a Complete Solution

At Northeast Agri, we can help you decide on the right composting equipment and construct a composting building to house your equipment and provide carbon source storage. We'll even install your composting system, so you're set and ready to go.

Want to know more about adding composting to your operation? Contact Northeast Agri today for more information on how composting can add value to your farming operation.